Wylde – Siren Review.

Fresh from the success from their debut single “Human” Wylde are making waves in the music scene and are going in for the kill with this new track “Siren.”

The track is a lot more clear than “Human” but the vocals are yet again hazy, with plenty of “ah’s” dominating the song, it has upbeat and fast paced melodies that resemble the sound of early My Bloody Valentine (but without all the distorted reverb).

Just before the two minute mark, you are treated to a short scream that reverberates through the song’s mix, it’s interesting and shows how diverse this band can be.

PERFORMING: Wylde in full swing at one of their gigs.

The guitar on the track is yet again sublime with the riffs cutting through the song like a knife, piercing the ears. The drum beat is tight and sets the songs whole pace keeping the instruments in time.

The track has consistency, which shows the signs of a good band. “Siren” continues Wylde’s releases of fantastic music.

It’s starting to pave the way for Wylde’s next release and hopefully future music.

But for now we can continue to play “Human” and “Siren” as both will end up on streaming sites.

“Human” already is, but you can listen to “Siren” here:


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