PLAZA – Totem Review.

FINALLY, Hartlepool four-piece have released their debut single via DIY Magazine.

The math rock anthem, named “Totem” is the first of hopefully many releases from Plaza.

PLAZA: Ready to tour.

The song has the elements of what we were all treated to with their “Plaza – Mixtape” back in 2015, yet it has that refined sound, a sound of a band who are now fully formed and ready to grow.

“Totem” has a sickly-sweet guitar riff that carries on throughout the song, with vocals that stand out clearly  above the rest of the track.

There’s no time for a breakdown though, the two minutes keep you fully grasped in Plaza’s clutches, its the perfect song to set the band off on their UK tour with Leeds band Trash.

You can stream the song via the DIY page.

“Totem” will be released for purchasing and streaming on Monday Feb 29th.

Catch Plaza on tour:



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