Hinds – Brudenell Social Club (Gig Review).

Walking into the Brudenell Social Club for the first time it’s clear why small venues are vital to the music scene.

Last night Hinds were the band gracing it’s stage to perform their debut album to a sold out venue.

Support came from Public Access T.V an American band who warmed the crowd up nicely, with their Clash-Strokes mix.

Their track California, stood out as they showed the most energy whilst playing it.

Then it was time for Hinds to play their set. The band walked on to the Hot Chocolate classic “You Sexy Thing.”

The quartet opened with the almighty “Warning With the Curling” which kicked the night off perfectly.

The girls seem to have been born to perform, with their on-stage-confidence being unmatched by many other bands at their level.

Their audience interaction was fantastic, constantly conversing with the crowd and above all, they were genuinely delighted to be their.

At one point front women Carlotta Cosials actually thanked the crowd and said “I’m glad you all came to see us when we only have one album out

“You can all say we saw Hinds when they only had one album.”

The band played popular tracks like: “Trippy Gum”, “Chili Town” and “Fat Calmed Kiddos.”

The audience were, at first, receptive but stable, it wasn’t until Hinds played the tracks “Bamboo”, “San Diego” and “Garden” that the crowd exploded into chaos, with people jumping around and shouting out things like “Viva La Hinds” to the band.

The girls finished on “Castigadas en el Granero” and thanked the crowd once again.

FULL FLOW: Hinds deep in performance last night.

However it wasn’t long before the audience exploded into chants for more and repeating “one more song” over and over.

Hinds returned to the stage almost immediately, hearing the demand for one more song, and burst into their rendition of “Davey Crockett.”

This saw the crowd completely loose it, with the front rows launching themselves onto stage to “help” Hinds in performing their final song.

Co-front women Ana Perrote embraced the stage invasion, jumping around without her guitar screaming into the microphone.

The stage invasion was short lived however as Hinds could physically not play anymore, they left the stage and said they would be out to meet and greet their fans.

The Spanish four-piece literally put on a show to remember, it was stunning from start to finish. If you haven’t seen Hinds live yet, they are one-hundred-percent worth it.









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