Figmennt – What’s Next…

FIGMENNT – Teesside’s very own shoegaze, ambient-noise band – reached local success in 2015 after their first release ‘She.’ Plugged In caught up with the band to discuss their plans for 2016.

Firstly we discussed what it is that Figmennt are working on right now; whether it be another single, or something more: “We’re focusing on writing fresh tracks, dabbling with new ideas and sounds, and polishing pre-existing tracks that only exist in our live performance. We’re planning to take everything we’ve got and bring it to life, in the form of an EP.”

This got us talking about the name of this new release. “As of yet, we don’t have a name for what will be the EP. It’d be nice to stumble upon a name during the song writing and recording process and see what fits best after the experience.”

Guitarist Matthew then spoke of the direction this new release is taking: “As a band with numerous influences, it’s hard to stick to a specific path and we don’t want to feel boxed into a specific direction. The original direction we were heading from ‘She’ is Figmennt’s foundations essentially. We wouldn’t abandon that completely but we are drawing features of different styles and weaving them into our original direction to keep things new and interesting, I suppose.”

FIGMENNT: Playing live at Stockton’s KU Bar.

Figmennt have had plenty of time to develop their own sound, especially after gigging on and off for a whole year. The burning question was though, have they tested any new material on stage?

“As material has come to be, we’ve introduced it to our set. Our set is something we’ve always liked to keep quite familiar and we’re currently saving the majority of our new ones until we’re certain on them before printing them into our set. We will be testing out the new material we have been writing at TSone on February 25th.”

THE LOGO: Figmennt’s Facebook picture.

Whilst testing new material, some must be put away for a later date, which brought us to discussing the possibility of an album, Matthew reassured me: “I guess an album, at the moment, is something for later. However, we do have many unfinished ideas that we could eventually go back to and develop into full tracks and save for a later release, potentially making up an album. I think first we’re going to focus on our initial intention of an EP of roughly 6 tracks and see how people react to these new releases first of all really.”

Considering a lot of Figmennt’s time is spent writing new material, we began talking about the often difficult process of song writing. “Song writing hasn’t really been a huge difficulty for us. It seems to be something that comes quite naturally to both Joe and Kenan lyrically. Musically, we work best writing as a band.”

Moving onto the year ahead, talk turned to what the bands overall aim is for 2016: “The main plan for 2016 is to release as much music as possible, and not just have it only in our live act. 2015 was a great year for us in terms of performing however, this year we want it to be great in both gigging and releasing new content.”

Figmennt wanted to add a thank you message to those who have stuck with them from day one: “Thanks for being patient and sticking around. We’ve been pretty inactive in terms of releases; we will make up for it this year. Thank you for making the past year so special for us, we really appreciate everyone who has put us on at shows and everyone who has came to see us, we love you.”

Head to TSOne in Middlesbrough on Thursday February 25th to hear Figmennt’s new material live. You can also still download Figmennt’s first single over on their Bandcamp page.


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