Catfish & The Bottlemen – Soundcheck Review.

YESTERDAY Catfish and the Bottlemen released the first single off of their inevitable second album.

After their 2014 debut reached mainstream level, everyone was left wondering “where will they go next?”

Last night the world was shown where exactly CATB would be heading.

The track immediately received a vast amount of attention on social media, with people praising the different sound CATB have brought to this track.

CATFISH09_14_PRESS-hi-9489 M
Entr a caption

“Soundcheck” has all the elements of CATB’s first album, the indie rock sound, the attitude and the catchy lyrics.

Yet it also has a fresh sound, you can already tell CATB are trying something new with this forthcoming album, lead singer Van McCann has a Strokes style tone to his vocals. The music itself, whilst of course carrying CATB original sound also has a very Stereophonics vibe to it.

The song takes a massive focus on the vocals, with the chorus being mainly focused around McCann’s lyrics as he sings “And now I don’t need nothing” in his typical front man swagger.

Even the breakdown is heavily focused on the vocals, with two overlaying vocals sitting on top of a musical build up until the song blows up into a huge guitar moment that drives through towards the end of the song.

The song is quite an indie anthem and you can almost picture it being sang out in arena’s by thousands of CATB fans.

However it’s impossible to settle with this track, as we still have no idea what the rest of the album is going to sound like. Until then though it seems like this track will be played out over fans speakers non stop.


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