Wax Colour – Liberty Review

ESSEX four-piece Wax Colour released their latest single “Liberty” just four days ago.

The band, who featured on Plugged In’s first podcast, have two songs available to listen to via their Soundcloud.

Their first single “IDK” was the stepping stone in their musical journey, now with the release of their second single, you can hear how that journey is expanding.

EXPANDING: Wax Colour performing a gig. 

“Liberty” opens with a distorted guitar a common sound in grunge music, yet it plays a funky riff that makes you bob your head immediately.

Every so often you can hear a cleaner electric guitar lick bursting out above the prominent grungy guitar which adds to the musical diversity of this track.

The vocals are becoming a recognised part of Wax Colour’s music, the typical droney vocals compliment the instruments and stand out as a notable band sound.

“Liberty” brings a new side to Wax Colour, it seems more serious than their first release. A song they could definitely build an EP around.

It’s well written and musically impressive and if Wax Colour continue to produce music like both of their release songs, then their popularity is sure to grow.

Listen to “Liberty” here:


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