Wylde – Human Review.

TOMORROW marks the release of Scottish based shoegaze band Wylde’s new single. Plugged In’s had the chance to listen to it early.

“Human” is an incredibly well produced track that mixes Diiv style guitars with vocals that sway in and out of the track, which, when put together creates a track full of ambiance.

DREAMY: Wylde’s artwork.

“Human” has an element of the 90’s shoegaze scene but brings it’s own individuality to it, the rattling bass that forms the foundations of this track is sublime, it sits in the background of the track yet drives the song forward.

The guitar and vocals compliment each other perfectly and help to create this dreamy haze that surrounds the whole band’s persona. The song is easy to listen to and you can get lost within it’s instrumentation and hazy vocals.

“Human” is a four minute track to remember because if Wylde continue to release music like this they will gain popularity fast.

Listen to the track on the bands Soundcloud tomorrow.


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