Isaac Gracie – Last Words Review.

PINNED to be this generations Jeff Buckley. Isaac Gracie brings emotional guitar and sincere vocals to his debut single “Last Words.”

The four minute ballad shapes Gracie’s future, with people all over the internet already falling in love with this track, it’s clear that his audience is already growing. Due to this there is no doubt a large amount ofanticipation for his next release.

TALENT: Isaac Gracie performing live.

Gracie’s vocals are distant on the track, buried in his guitar he sings the line “How did I get here and can I get back” leaving the listener questioning what has he done wrong.

The guitar is consistent and keeps a mellow vibe throughout the song, it doesn’t build or breakout into some explosive strumming. It simply carries the message of the song with a beautiful tone.

Isaac Gracie is someone who will amazing to watch develop and no doubt will follow in the footsteps of artists like Hozier, breaking into the mainstream. Listen to his debut single below:


You can keep up-to-date with Isaac Gracie’s work on his Twitter page.


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