The Importance of the Small Venue.

LAST year the small music venues came under threat of closure as they couldn’t compete with the larger music venues gathering the attention of the music world.

All great artists started off playing small venues though. Including the Arctic Monkeys, The Stone Roses and more recently Catfish & The Bottlemen.

It was only three years ago that Catfish & The Bottlemen were playing small venues such as the Westgarth Social Club in Middlesbrough and SOYO in Sheffield, that has a capacity of only 200, yes, 200.


So what’s the importance of these small music venues? Simple. They are the one place where upcoming bands can grow, gain experience and overall thrive.

Using Catfish as an example, it’s clear to see what playing these small venues has done for them, with them now being able to sell out larger shows across the UK.

SELL OUT: Catfish’s 2016 tour was a quick sell out.

Plus places like Newcastle’s The Cluny and Leeds’ Brudenell Social Club are perfect places to see new upcoming bands for a great price.

As an example of this, Hinds, an all girl band who are growing in popularity, are playing a range of small venues across the UK in the upcoming weeks.

This was similar to bands such as Jaws, a Birmingham based indie band who have had sell out shows at endless amounts of small venues around the UK.

POPULAR: Jaws are a growing band.

Most notably now The 1975 and Foals are classed as arena bands, much like Catfish, they started playing small gigs in small venues before their success meant that they could upgrade to the “big leagues.”

Foals have even gone on to now headline one of the UK’s biggest festivals, Leeds&Reading.

Personally artists should always remember the venues that gave them their success and many do, but eventually bands and artists have to evolve and please their larger audiences.

That however, does not mean that we as gig goers shouldn’t support our local small venues. Here’s what people on Twitter had to say about where they would rather see a gig:

With those results it seems like even a percentage of the public believe that small venues are the place to be for seeing a gig.

Therefore with this in mind we must continue to support and cherish the small venues across the UK, so that they can thrive and remain a vital part of the music scene.


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