Gufra – Maze Park Review.

HARTLEPOOL five-piece, Gufra, have released their first properly recorded track and it sets them a mile away from their original demos.

“Maze Park” is a professional, matured song that shows signs of the band getting better with experience.

GUFRA: The band’s Twitter picture, follow them: @GUFRAGUFRA

The song, recorded by Chris Milnes (from Leeds band Campfires), amplifies Gufra’s sound and carves out the foundations of their future.

“Maze Park” has emotion and that’s down to the vocals complimenting the music. It has mellow lyrics confessing “I know, it’s getting old.” and dream-pop guitars that sway over the majority of the track.

Speaking about the song, Gufra said: “It’s basically just a break up song, I can’t really write upbeat happy songs so it was quite easy, it nearly didn’t make it like, I thought the main riff was like almost too chill but our drummer proper loved it so we gave it a go and here we are.”

Gufra will be playing this track along with their other material at upcoming gigs. This will include their slot at Middlesbrough’s TSOne on February 25th.

Listen to the song here:


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