Music & Art – George Yarnton.

ART and music are usually a stereotyped match, music inspires art, art inspires music.

Plugged In wanted to find out if in modern day art, this was still true.

George Yarnton is an illustrator based in Ipswich. He has been featured in various magazines including one of the biggest music magazines NME.

Yarnton sells his artwork in various forms, including stickers, t-shirts and comic strips.

MONKEY MAN: George Yarnton’s Twitter picture.

Plugged In got a chance to talk to him about how music has influenced his art and getting into the NME.

We started by talking about first albums, when asked about the first album he ever bought, he said:

“First album I can remember buying was Sum 41 ‘Does this look Infected?’ because cover creeped me out and I couldn’t stop looking at it!”

CREEPY: Yarnton’s first album.

But has music influenced Yarnton’s art? When asked he said:

“I would say so when I was in school. I listened to a lot of heavy metal and thrash so I drew a lot of skulls and naked tattooed chicks, things like that, trying to be really edgy!

“These days, I wouldn’t say that I’m directly influenced by it, but it always has to be on when I’m working.”

He continued to talk about the bands that influenced his earlier work:

“I was really into Metallica, Slayer and a load of other metal bands.

“Growing up I broadened out a bit, listening to more hip-hop and country music weirdly enough, artists like Wu-Tang Clan and Johnny Cash got me stoked.”


With this now broad music taste it was no surprise his work was picked up by NME.

Yarnton explained how it came about: “The NME jobs came from just purely sending stuff out to people, some bits landed in the hands of NME and we hit it off. The work for NME so far has been super fun to draw.”

2016 PREVIEW: George Yarnton’s NME artwork.

Of course with a broad music taste comes a range of artists and albums. Yarnton spoke of his top five:

“My top 5 albums of all time for me are….1. Johnny Cash – Live at Folsom Prison 2. Metallica – Kill Em All 3. Bob Marley – Legend 4. Drake – Nothing Was the Same 5. Suicidal Tendencies – Suicidal Tendencies”

An interesting list indeed, with plenty of diversity it was clear that Yarnton knew his stuff both musically and artistically.

We finished on the question, what are Yarnton’s plans for 2016? Where he simply replied:

“Plans for this year, keep on drawing and have a good time!”

You can’t argue with that.

s STICKERS: Yarnton’s Homoskateian sticker.

If you aren’t already familiar with George Yarnton’s work, check it out below:

Official site




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