Leeds and Reading.

TODAY the organisers at Leeds and Reading festival announced their next set of acts.

We have been treated to a bunch of great acts already and now with these new announcements it’s just looking better.

Here are a few of the acts that YOU have to see at this years festival.


The all-girl band from Spain have made a real impact in the UK, their janglely indie pop songs are a pleasure to listen too. Even if the weather doesn’t reflect Spain’s, Hinds are a band who can brighten up anyone’s day. A must see at Reading & Leeds.


With the departure of Alice Glass in 2014 it seemed unlikely Crystal Castles would be performing again at festivals such as this. However when they were announced today, social media was filled with doubt. Though you have to see them perform in order to make a true judgement? Crystal Castles will be a act to try out, like its the first time all over again.


Their second album didn’t exactly make as big of an impact as their first but that doesn’t mean songs like “What You Know” and “Something Good Can Work” aren’t going to be belted out across the crowds who go and see them. They’re indie icons and to be fair everyone has some kind of deep love for them.

two door cinema club.jpeg


So much hype has been surrounding Jordan Cardy and crew in the last year. If you didn’t want to pay for a ticket to one of his shows, now might be the time to go see what the hypes all about. He’s another act who you have to go and see to make a true judgement on him.


Branded a punk band since day one, Slaves aren’t exactly a re-creation of the 70”s punk era. They bring their own twist upon the genre and still have very catchy pop-esque songs. If you haven’t already seen them perform live, now is the time too.

DRESSED TO IMPRESS: Kent duo Slaves.


The Paris attacks shocked the world and at the heart of it all were the Eagles of Death Metal. They were lucky enough to survive the horror and can carry on to make music and show it to the world. There is a feeling that this performance will have a kind of emotion surrounding it. It will have been some time since the attacks and the band will of recovered fully. It’s a show you have to see.


Even if you don’t like them, The Courteeners know how to put on a show. Of course everyone has seen front man Liam Fray burst into anger when a smoke bomb was launched on stage, but we can move on from that and look ahead to this performance. As with all of Courteeners shows expect pyros.

8. THE 1975. 

They’re like Marmite in the indie scene. Some people love them (even obsess over them) and some people hate them, but it’s hard not to admit that what The 1975 have achieved isn’t admirable. They put on a impressive performance and know how to control the crowd.


The first headliner announced for R&L festival, the legends of rock are making a return to UK festivals and you cannot afford to miss it. As always with RHCP the show will be iconic and there will be moments that are spoke of for years to come. The performance will leave a lasting impression on those who witness it.

BACK AT IT: RHCP were announced as first headliner. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

10. FOALS.

Announced today the second headliner of R&L (joint with Disclosure) are indie giants Foals. They started their careers with “Antidotes” back in 2008. From there they have worked hard and risen to be one of indie’s greatest bands. Their live shows are hailed as one of the best and their music is now accessible to a range of audiences. Their first headline slot at R&L will be one to remember.


THE FULL LINEUP: All the acts announced for far for 2016’s festival.

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