Newcastle’s Most Exciting New Band.

SHAMU – a duo born straight out of Newcastle have just released one of the most intriguing songs of 2016 so far.

“Dive” is the first available release for Jonathon Mark Evans and Samuel Riley Hodgson who together make up Shamu.

The track has the electric elements of a dance track but the overlaying guitar and vocals remind the listener of early Foals.

The drop in the song jumps out of nowhere and changes the whole dynamic of the track. It’s a clever piece of music and one that people need to hear for themselves.

Shamu: Newcastle’s most exciting new band.

Plugged In caught up with Jonathon and Sam to discuss the track and the year ahead for the band.

When talking about the influences upon the song they said: “The electronic drums are influenced by stuff like Beyonce and Kanye West, we really like lots of pop and R&B.

“The guitars are influenced by stuff like Minus The Bear and Brontide. We use loops and effects pedals to speed up or reverse the guitars in lots of our songs.

“A lot of Dive is one guitar part which has been manipulated in that way. Lyrically, there’s a kind of nautical theme which seems to come up in lots of our lyrics.

“The sea is really mysterious and is has a lot of vivid imagery associated with it.”

This got us talking about the influences which led Jonathon and Samuel to start a band together.

“We went to a festival in Bristol called Arctangent shortly after we parted ways with our old band.

“We saw Public Service Broadcasting there and it made us realise how technology and electronics can open up a lot of possibilities for a two piece band.”

Now that “Dive” has been released it was interesting to know if Shamu would be making releasing any other tracks this year.

They explained: “Absolutely. We have already recorded our second single and it won’t be long until we are back in the studio.”

This was exciting news and it lead to one big question. Will there be a tour?

“A tour would be amazing. That kind of seems like a distant thought at the moment – we haven’t played a gig yet.

“We are due to make our live debut in March so ask us again after that.”

So it looks like an exciting year for Shamu, with the possiblity of a tour lurking in the distant future and more music being released fairly soon, they’re a band you need to get into.

The band finished our interview by thanking those who have supported the duo already, saying: “We have been working in the practice room for over a year on this band and we have had Dive for all most all of that time, so it’s kind of a weird feeling finally letting everyone hear it.”

Go stream it on their Bandcamp page now, where you can buy and keep the song for yourself:



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