The Big Comebacks.

THERE have been whispers in the music scene suggesting some pretty big comebacks this year, some have been confirmed while others linger in mystery.

Plugged In has gathered some information on the most exciting rumors and confirmations of big indie band comebacks.

1. The Stone Roses.

The Stone Roses Now
Haven’t you heard? The Stone Roses are back at what they do best.

I think everyone knows this by now but it’s still worth a mention. The Stone Roses announced they would be making a return to music in late 2015. Before releasing three tour dates at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester.

Of course fans went crazy and the dates sold out instantly but that was just a warm up for the Roses. They announced more dates and sold more tickets.

There has been rumors of a new album but we are yet to know any of those details. This could be one big year for the popular 90’s band.

2. Radiohead.

Radiohead have been pioneers of indie rock and are constantly quoted by new upcoming bands as an influence.

Now in 2016 they have confirmed they will be returning to the stage on a global scale. They will be playing festivals in Spain, Switzerland and Portugal.

With festival performances in other countries, the burning question is: “Will they play a UK festival?”

Of course as always with the UK festivals nothing is given away so people may be waiting a while for that yet but I for one wouldn’t rule it out.

Radiohead Tour Auckland
(Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

3. Kings of Leon. 

Back in 2003 Kings of Leon brought a new sound to the UK in the form of American indie rock. It had a rough sound to it but everyone loved it.

Their next three albums would see them gain popularity especially within the indie music scene. Then in 2008 KoL released one of the biggest selling pop singles ever “Sex on Fire.”

This divided their fans and many jumped ship. They then mellowed out with the release of “Come around Sundown” and “Mechanical Bull”. While touring the band faced shake ups and fist fights and have even had to cancel shows, it didn’t look promising for KoL’s future as a band.

However the American family have announced they are working on their 7th studio album and going back to the roots of their first three. Could this be the big comeback for KoL? Could they be about to grow their hair long and reproduce that rough sound once more?

No one knows and whether the album will come out this year is also lost in a haze. We’re left playing the waiting game.

Going back to their roots? KoL in 2003.

4. The Last Shadow Puppets. 

This was only just confirmed properly yesterday, but after the release of “Bad Habits” just last week, The Last Shadow Puppets second album will be released on April 1st.

The band, fronted by Arctic Monkey’s Alex Turner and solo musician Miles Kane, seemed to disappear off the face of the earth after their debut album back in 2008. Alex Turner continued his successful run in the Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane just vanished completely.

However fans were left in hysteria when they heard that a second album was on it’s way.

Surely The Last Shadow Puppets will be heading on a global tour and festival dates? Almost guaranteed.

Listen to “Bad Habits” below:

5. The XX

The XX released “Coexist” back in 2012 and then faded out from the popularity both that and their debut album had brought them.

Front-man Jamie XX went on to a solo career releasing an incredibly popular album just last year.

Then towards the end of 2015 it was revealed that the band would be releasing new music sometime in 2016. This sent fans crazy and the anticipation is still wrote on everyone faces.

If this album does well surely we will be seeing a lot more of the XX this year and that’s something many will be happy with.

The XX
Anticipation: Everyone wants to hear new XX music.

If you have any bands you would like to see make a comeback this year, leave a comment below.



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