The Sound of 2016.

2016 is promising to be a good year for indie music. I have created a list for the indie artists I believe are going to break through into the mainstream this year.

  1. YAK

After performing at various gigs across the UK last year, YAK made a name for themselves. They signed to Jack White’s “Third Man Records” at the back end of last year and released their most exciting EP yet.

The trio have also promised a debut album this year, so they could be about to make it big.


 2. The Big Moon. 

This all-girl indie band have really made an impact on the music scene. With most of The Big Moon’s music only being available on streaming sites, it’s guaranteed that they will be releasing something on hard copies this year.

The four-piece are really building a strong following and they will continue to do this throughout 2016.

Follow them on Twitter for all their updates: @commoonicate

The Big Moon

3. Sundara Karma. 

Ending last year with the announcement of a headline UK Tour, Sundara Karma are only going to get more popular.

Their indie-pop songs have the ability to enchant an audience and have people begging them on social media to “play more gigs.”

They already have two successful EP’s under their belts and 2016 could be theirs.

See their website here:


4. Blaenavon. 

Joining Sundara Karma on their UK tour, Blaenavon will no doubt be rocketed from underground cult band to indie success in 2016. Their music fits perfectly with what people expect of guitar music of today.

Blaenavon are another band who have admitted to working on an album ahead of 2016. So just like YAK this could put the spotlight directly onto them for the year ahead.

Blaenavon for Clash Magazine.

5. The Japanese House. 

Also known as “Amber Bain” The Japanese House are pinned by many to be the next big indie breakthrough.

With production work from indie giants “The 1975” it’s clear a lot of their fan base will swarm to The Japanese House the more work she does with them.

Of course this isn’t saying they can’t rake in their own fan base because both of their EP’s have sold plenty of copies and are hailed as “beautiful” by hundred of people on social media.

Their definitely a band to watch out for this year.


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