Welcome to the Indie Resurgence.

My name is Nathan Douthwaite and welcome to my blog. Here I will be documenting the resurgence of the indie music scene, with reviews, artist spotlights, interviews and much more.

A Brief History of the Indie Music Scene.

This isn’t the first time indie music has tried to conquer the music world. In the 90’s we had the arrival of bands like Oasis, pioneers in making indie music the mainstream.

Of course eventually this fizzled out and we were left with remnants of what came before, but it wasn’t long before a group of Sheffield lads began to make the indie scene mainstream again. Que the Arctic Monkeys.

Then just like in the early 2000’s indie music was once again pushed underground leaving us with constant pop-dance tracks that left all our ears ringing.

NOW we are witnessing the resurgence of indie once more. With bands such as Catfish & The Bottlemen and Wolf Alice bleeding their way into the mainstream.

The indie revolution is returning, come and follow it with me.

(Check out my playlist of the artists I have mentioned here)



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